"Life provides the cup and YOU choose how to fill it"

CEO, Stephanie
Chief Encouragement Officer

When life gets tough, what spills over?

Joy, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, love? or
Stress, guilt, anger, harsh words, and reactions?

Let's work together to heal your precious cup, and fill it with the most beautiful, authentic, powerful version of YOU!

Success Coaching

Unleash your full potential! Get clear, focused and take intentional steps toward your success. Transform unsupportive thoughts and energy holding you back

InPower Membership

Join a healing community like no other. Find solace, guidance & inspiration on your journey to well-being. Access self-led videos, live sessions and connect with like-minded souls.

Energy Reset

Rebalance and align your energy centers. Experience intuitive healing to restore flows and vitality. Discover a new level of well-being.

Courses & Books

Awareness of your true needs and talents allows you to tap into your authentic self. Our online courses and books help you learn how to live with challenging emotions, identify what matters most to you and gain clarity on your purpose and passions.

Coaching & Healing

Align your emotions, beliefs, energy, and nervous system to accelerate change. Individual sessions include coaching, energy healing, and nervous system reset methods that result in lasting change.

Community Experiences

Accelerate positive change by engaging in supportive group coaching and healing experiences. Our community encourages growth and expansion in a "Judgement Free" zone.

About Positive Change Acceleration

Intuitive Change Coach Stephanie O’Connell brings over 30 years of experience in individual and business transformation. Stephanie’s unique practice combines change philosophy, coaching and energy work to facilitate and accelerate desired change. Her proven methodology has helped individuals, groups and organizations undergoing any form of transition accelerate their journey and reach their fullest potential.

Ready to begin changing NOW?


Meet Stephanie

Stephanie is a mother, healer, teacher, friend,

collaborator, curator, and an internationally

best-selling author.

In 2016, Stephanie was at a low point in her journey, processing an unexpected divorce, co-parenting twins, working a stressful corporate job, and drinking wine every day to cope and escape.  It came to a head when she needed to stop drinking or lose access to her kids.  She chose to stop drinking immediately, at which point she realized that she now had to deal with the fears, limiting beliefs, and stress that she had been avoiding for years. 

This began her healing journey and spiritual awakening. Stephanie had manifested a life that she had been working towards for 20 years and was deeply unhappy. She realized that working towards what she “thought she should want”  in her life didn’t make her happy because she wasn’t honoring her authenticity. She was depleted and fatigued and found herself asking, “Is this as good as life gets?” She just couldn’t believe that this was the dream life everyone talked about. 

She knew there had to be a better way; a more fun and joy-filled way to live life.  Now she is in love with her freedom and flexibility, the work she’s doing, and the people she’s meeting and helping along the way because her life is now in alignment with her soul purpose. She is passionate about showing others how to accelerate releasing their past, reconnecting with their authentic selves, tuning into their intuition, and creating their empowered, joyful, and fun lives. 

As an intuitive coach, energy healer, and practical Sha-woman, Stephanie brings ancient wisdom into the present moment in a unique way to heal, uplift, and in power.  She tunes in to her clients’ energy and channels customized plans to move them forward. She holds a BS in Communication Studies, an MS in Organization Development, and multiple coaching and energy healing certifications.


"I can honestly say that, with Stephanie as my guide, I am able to see and feel my own personal power and connection to the divine.   I genuinely love myself right now. I am able to love others with more authenticity than ever before. My first six-session private coaching with Stephanie has been amazing! "

--Lisa Goodnow, PhD--

“Stephanie has a natural ability to pinpoint what actually needs to be done to accomplish the matter at hand. What appeared to escape me was easily identified by her. Stephanie is professional and thorough. I really appreciate her assistance.”

--Anita D, Interfaith Minister & Energy Healer--

“Stephanie's sessions are a gold mine of great tips and practical information about how to move forward on the path to authenticity and self-fulfillment. Her words are so powerful, and her approach is so genuine and supportive. I highly recommend her programs.”

--Patty S, Marketing Communications Professional & Writer--

“Stephanie’s style is casual and at the same time caring. I feel motivated to do the work knowing that Stephanie is there with me every step of the way. She uses real-life experiences to explain the techniques and concepts, making them feel doable and rewarding. Her sessions leave me feeling upbeat and invigorated and ready to take on new challenges with confidence.”

--Mary H, Former Foundation Director & Artist--

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